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A new atmosphere: reflections on holding concerts and winning clients in the time of COVID-19

03 Jul 2020

For over 5 years, I have been hosting ‘house concerts’ where touring international musicians play a private gig in my flat to an audience of friends and friends of friends. The gigs are intimate affairs -both for the physical proximity, and because there can be lots of interaction. And sometimes there’s a level of connection between artist and audience such that at the end of the even...

Don't try harder, iterate faster

Founder and Managing Director

19 Jun 2020

Trying harder while generally doing the same thing is not the recipe for finding product market fit or finding early traction. It is a recipe for running out of runway. It is also a very human reaction. 
Circular Economy, Deal Execution

To all AgriFood workers, thank you

15 Jun 2020

It has been a while since I wrote a blog. Too long. I feel I should write one once a month maybe even once a week. Last week I got a virtual tap on the shoulder from my colleagues who manage our marketing activities. My turn. I was up to write a blog. 

Sharing a watering hole with a dinosaur

Engagement Director

09 Apr 2020

I am drinking the same water as a T-Rex. My inner child (not buried particularly deep, I am told) is a big fan of this fact. As far as we know, since humans existed, we have not created any ‘new’ water and comparatively little has escaped to space. On the face of it, water isn’t going anywhere, and there is loads of it. It should be noted that there is a big difference between freshwa...


Engagement Director

24 Mar 2020

23 June is a date that will forever fill me with great happiness and faith in our country. Of course, I refer to the glorious day, in 2014, when the former Member of Parliament for Tatton, the first Chancellor from a northern seat since Dennis Healey in the late 1970s, delivered his vision of the “Northern Powerhouse” from Manchester. Finally, I thought, a government that is going to ...

Reflections on entry level hiring

Founder and Managing Director

29 Feb 2020

Since January 1st, I no longer lead the process of recruiting and selecting entry level hires. Entry-level hiring is a serious responsibility. We are who we hire. And who we hire is formative in terms of what we can become. In a knowledge firm, talent acquisition and development is the business strategy. Making this move is a generational shift that will bring those driving the proces...
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