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From Dante to Decarbonisation

Engagement Director

23 Oct 2019

Having left the world of science at school, I read medieval Italian poetry at university and thought to myself “finally – something I can study with real world application!” I slightly rued my artsy background when I took an MBA which involved some mathematics: the GMAT (“how is one not a prime?”), financial accounting (“how come income statements have expenses?”), Excel modelling (“h...

Egg-laying and milk-giving wool-pig

Practice Director

24 Sep 2019

Idioms don’t always translate well across different languages and cultures, but I thought this particular German phrase was a visceral and compelling image as a warning to early-stage companies not to be “all things to all people.”

Borrowing economics to save the world?

20 Jun 2019

It is hard to ignore the noise currently being made about climate change. Be it Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, or Michael Bloomberg, it is certainly a topic that has made its way into the public consciousness this year and let’s hope that it stays there.