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Engagement Manager

20 Jul 2022

The ‘hidden’ form of inflation

Second order effects - First class opportunities

Engagement Manager

08 Jul 2022

The unconsidered secondary problems of decarbonisation are some of the greatest opportunities for companies with the knowhow.

“We know more about space than we know about the ocean"

Engagement Director
Engagement Director

04 Jul 2022

Getting into the (sea)weeds (Sorry, we couldn't kelp ourselves).
Blue Economy

Becoming Supply Chain Savvy

Engagement Manager

30 Jun 2022

It could be assumed that a soil carbon measurement technology would be most attractive to farmers, however, it is apparent that the entire supply chain needs to be addressed and connected, otherwise an opportunity might be missed.
Technology application and adoption

Please mind the gap: closing the circularity gap in an increasingly linear world

Engagement Manager

27 Jun 2022

While recycling infrastructure has expanded, economic growth, increased production and consumption continue to widen the gap in an increasingly linear world
Circular Economy

Share buybacks: an attack on R&D

Engagement Manager

23 Jun 2022

Share buybacks are one of the reasons for the inflated valuations currently in the market, meanwhile R&D spending has stagnated.
Current events

The Importance and Value of Creating an ICP

Engagement Manager

17 Jun 2022

An ‘Ideal Customer Profile’ (ICP) is a tool we often use at RIG - a set of narrowly defined hypotheses that pinpoints the type of customer most suited for utilising the technology that is being commercialised.
Product-Market Fit, Technology application and adoption

Product-market fit in deep tech

Engagement Director

12 May 2022

“Build it and they will come”. Sadly, they probably won’t. So why not do the hard work up-front and secure your market before you do anything else. Investors will love you for it.
Product-Market Fit