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Krish Arora
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Krish Arora

 Engagement Director

Krish is an accomplished mechanical engineer and joined RIG in early 2021 from bp where he led the engineering and product development activities within a clean-tech corporate startup. In his previous roles, Krish worked as an independent consultant, launched a new-to-world sustainable technology with Aston Martin, brought innovations from idea to production, and became a named inventor on seven patents.

Krish is deeply customer focused and has an adaptable style building from experience in a startup and a large corporate. Driven to leave the world in a better state than he found it, he is passionate about the automotive industry, mobility, and circularity. As an Engagement Director at RIG, Krish leads clients through their own journeys to commercial success by drawing on his previous experiences to navigate the challenges faced by companies at the bleeding edge of technology; validating product-market-fit, crafting commercial strategies, creating revenue-generative deals, and fundraising.

Away from work, you can find Krish applying his love of wind in two very different ways; either being dragged along open fields by large kites or improvising on his saxophone.

[Almost] three months in

To say my RIG journey began in unusual circumstances is somewhat of an understatement. Three zoom meetings and several phone calls were the only interaction with my future colleagues the global pandemic afforded me before my first day. Actually, that’s not quite true, I did meet a masked Simon for about five minutes to pick up my laptop.


Product-market fit in deep tech

“Build it and they will come”. Sadly, they probably won’t. So why not do the hard work up-front and secure your market before you do anything else. Investors will love you for it.


Anthropogenic climate change is a politically motivated hoax... discuss.

I read the above statement online a few weeks ago and it got my back up, so I wrote about it


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