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[Almost] three months in

Engagement Director

To say my RIG journey began in unusual circumstances is somewhat of an understatement. Three zoom meetings and several phone calls were the only interaction with my future colleagues the global pandemic afforded me before my first day. Actually, that’s not quite true, I did meet a masked Simon for about five minutes to pick up my laptop.

Reflecting on my first three months at RIG, there are three things that stand out to me when compared to my corporate experience: the quality, the drive for progress, and the opportunity.

The quality. It’s rare to find such a high concentration of quality in one place. Particularly when that quality spans multiple subject areas - be it waste-to-energy, carbon capture, or wood recycling. RIG’s people make it their business to become subject matter experts, to fully understand their clients’ complex landscapes, and use this to create an unfair advantage for them to succeed.

The drive for progress. I understood that joining RIG would be a departure from my corporate experience. As an employee amongst 70,000, your ability to effect change is hampered by layers of approval and corporate ‘politics’. How refreshing it was to find that neither of these hinderances exist at RIG. As a small team, it’s necessary that our actions are rooted in the advancement of the collective. You have an idea, you talk about the idea, you act on the idea - hallelujah! 

The opportunity. The world around us is changing. And fast. With so much emphasis placed on the ability for ‘digital’ solutions to solve our environmental woes (wrongly, in my opinion), RIG is perfectly poised to exploit emerging deep tech aimed squarely at the existential crisis facing humanity. 

My [almost] first three months have whipped by in a blur of learning and excitement. Bring on the next three (and beyond!)