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Ellen Teesdale
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Ellen Teesdale

 Senior Engagement Manager

Ellen joined RIG in 2021, and is a member of the AgBio practice, where she works to support clients commercialise their IP-rich technologies, working on developing market and commercial strategies. In addition to client work, Ellen also scouts and engages with potential clients to grow the AgBio practice. She has just completed a bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of St Andrews, where she focused her research on microbiology and wrote her thesis on proteomic methodology.


Outside of RIG, Ellen enjoys brushing up on her Spanish, trying new restaurants and travelling.

The Importance and Value of Creating an ICP

An ‘Ideal Customer Profile’ (ICP) is a tool we often use at RIG - a set of narrowly defined hypotheses that pinpoints the type of customer most suited for utilising the technology that is being commercialised.


Becoming Supply Chain Savvy

It could be assumed that a soil carbon measurement technology would be most attractive to farmers, however, it is apparent that the entire supply chain needs to be addressed and connected, otherwise an opportunity might be missed.


The Role of Bacteriophage in the Fight Against AMR

No action today, no cure tomorrow


The Valley of Death for New Medicines

The biotechnology sector is filled with the promise of new cancer treatment approaches, such as immunotherapy, but the financial stumbling blocks could prevent these advances from reaching patients.