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The growing crisis in the Agrifood industry and the opportunity this could present for Agrifoodtech innovators

AFN recently released an article explaining what Agrifoodtech players need to know about the growing crisis in the industry.

The article explains how current and future crop yields are being impacted globally due to grain and fertiliser shortages triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine; further worsening the global food shortage and inflation, a growing number of crop export bans are being implemented. The author details other factors which have contributed to the disruption of global food supplies, including increasingly extreme weather events caused by the climate crisis and disruptions triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although an alarming situation, by exposing the fragility of the current food systems, the article argues that it represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Agrifood innovators – especially as this follows the industry's biggest-ever year in terms of venture funding.

The article highlights the need for innovation and change to the existing Agrifood systems if we are to mitigate the current crises and limit those in the future, particularly as the impact of climate change continues to grow.  

The article can be read in full here to further understand the ongoing crisis in the Agrifood industry and the potential opportunity it could provide for innovators in the space.