What we do

Founded in 2003, Rapid Innovation Group is a specialist technology IP commercialisation and industrialisation firm dedicated to realising the untapped application and value in innovative technology. We address the issues inherent in all phases of commercial technology development and transfer, including discovery, strategy, and execution.

Our mission is to build client revenue and value while mitigating risk and minimising waste associated with unnecessary or uncommercial development. We work with our clients to ensure their technologies and businesses grow to fulfil genuine industry needs, to develop scalable revenue-winning capabilities, and to engineer transformational deals.

We help our clients to make best use of their funds and achieve the proof they need to drive their valuation, secure additional funding where necessary, and execute an optimal outcome. Our clients aim for market leadership, and we measure our success in terms of their growth.

Rapid Innovation Group operates according to a commercial model that ensures a direct alignment of interest between ourselves and our clients. Because we share some risk with our clients, our strategy is to work closely with only a small portfolio of companies over an extended period. We work only with businesses in which we see great potential and whose needs match our skill set and interest.