RIG looks to hire consultants with the intellectual rigour, passion, imagination, tenacity, and drive to succeed required to build a clearly-differentiated firm perceived as being the best in its field.

We offer our consultants the opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging strategic and operational questions facing growth and expansion stage technology companies as well as the chance to reap the high rewards that can come with successfully pioneering the development and market entry of new solutions. RIG consultants work closely with entrepreneurs and CEOs from growing companies and have the opportunity to genuinely contribute to client organisations’ development.

In return, we expect our team members to develop domain expertise and an ability to mentor our emerging talent. Our consultants must be able to drive revenue both for RIG and for our clients.

Our clients do not hire us to do easy jobs: they hire us to do difficult things, and working for aggressive, growth stage companies is not for the meek. It is this pressure and the pace and variety of our work that attracts people to want to achieve their goals with us.