The world faces a number of macro challenges for which technology can be seen as part of both the cause and the solution.

Rapid Innovation Group is an IP commercialisation firm dedicated to harnessing technological innovation in energy, natural resources, and major industry. The key drivers that bind these industries are the scale of the challenges, the scope of the market, and the need and willingness to adopt innovation.

Our purpose is to build shareholder value
Our direction mitigates risk and builds defensible market positions
Our success is measured by the growth of our clients
Our approach is to partner with clients as part of a single team

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Thoughts on Crypto Assets, Initial Coin Offerings, and the Utility Value of Blockchain Technology

Wed 9 August 2017

Thoughts on Crypto assets, Initial Coin Offerings, and the Utility Value of Blockchain Technology New to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies? Read this primer A new asset class I am a believer, or maybe I just want to believe. Is this Amsterdam in the 17th century? My view is: no; a new asset class is emerging, […]

The economic challenge that must be incorporated into design

Wed 19 April 2017

Recently I have been working in the renewable energy field and two pieces of insight highlighted two key mistakes that innovators, but particularly engineering and science based start-ups, are prone to making. Mistake 1: talking to the market after key design elements have already been locked down. Mistake 2: failing to consider the economic envelope […]

Air pollution: a public health concern

Fri 24 February 2017

Cycling home over Waterloo bridge a couple of weeks ago I was surprised by my breathlessness and coughing fit that ensued. At first I thought it was a testament to my fitness levels, but turning on the news that night my concern grew from its initial trivial and personal worry. The cause of all this, […]

Water: it’s a precious resource, let’s start treating it as such!

Wed 1 February 2017

I initially started writing this blog in the summer when it was so hot that I was struggling to sleep and was drinking water like it was on tap (but it is on tap Peter!). It was late June at the time and I had decided that it was time for my second annual water blog.  […]


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