The world faces a number of macro challenges for which technology can be seen as part of both the cause and the solution.

RIG is an IP commercialisation firm dedicated to harnessing technological innovation in energy, natural resources, and major industry. The key drivers that bind these industries are the scale of the challenges, the scope of the market, and the need and willingness to adopt innovation.

Our purpose is to build shareholder value
Our direction mitigates risk and builds defensible market positions
Our success is measured by the growth of our clients
Our approach is to partner with clients as part of a single team

Latest posts

Why is male the default setting?

Tue 24 November 2015

I have a pretty unusual name. It isn’t that unusual in Wales, actually, but it certainly causes a lot of confusion in day-to-day life. Think booking a restaurant table over the phone and trying to explain to the person the other end that yes, you are sure that your own name begins with two ‘Fs’. […]

Consultancy: An education process

Sun 8 November 2015

Having enjoyed teaching in South Korea in 2013, a career as a teacher seemed an attractive prospect. Yet I had spent the last 16 years in education and thought entering the world of business after university would provide a new challenge. The opportunity to work with entrepreneurs seeking to address significant global issues using innovative […]

Know thyself

Mon 2 November 2015

The ancient Greeks had it right, no doubt on a number of things, but surely none more fundamentally than as encompassed in the Delphic maxim – ‘know thyself’. While at a RIG strategy meeting recently, we analysed in some gory detail our myriad individual strengths and weaknesses. I was told  (very generously I thought) by […]

Applications now open for Rapid Innovation Group’s Summer 2016 internship

Thu 15 October 2015

We are now accepting applications for our 2016 Summer internship programme, which offers undergraduates the opportunity to work on live client projects with our partners. For more information and to apply, head to the Interns page in our Careers section.


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