The world faces a number of macro challenges for which technology can be seen as part of both the cause and the solution.

Rapid Innovation Group is an IP commercialisation firm dedicated to harnessing technological innovation in energy, natural resources, and major industry. The key drivers that bind these industries are the scale of the challenges, the scope of the market, and the need and willingness to adopt innovation.

Our purpose is to build shareholder value
Our direction mitigates risk and builds defensible market positions
Our success is measured by the growth of our clients
Our approach is to partner with clients as part of a single team

Latest posts

Overcoming the listed company innovation paradox – Part 1

Fri 21 October 2016

I was recently interviewed as part of a research project into corporate innovation by a group seeking to establish how large corporates could create new service and product lines.  It was early in the morning, so I was at my most blunt.   Me: “Tell them not to waste their time and money.”   Interviewer: […]

Solar power: going wireless

Fri 9 September 2016

Pylons. Nobody really likes them, do they? They’re a bit ugly and you rather wish they weren’t there, ruining the view. Let’s be honest, power grid infrastructure is not pretty but there might soon be a case to do away with it, albeit for slightly better reasons than aesthetics. Traditionally, the way to get power […]

Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Thu 1 September 2016

Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, the digital currency which is created and held electronically and most have heard of blockchain, the technology behind it. However, blockchain shouldn’t be confined solely to cryptocurrency and payments; it enables value to be transferred through a digitised system which cultivates trust. What is blockchain? The technology is most commonly […]

Emotional benefits, customer insight, and the uniqueness of customer types: the forgotten elements of value proposition development

Wed 17 August 2016

In this blog I want to share some insights from a recent meeting with a key specifier at one of the UK’s leading Facility Management firms. His comments emphasised the greater attention which companies need to pay to the benefits that they communicate in their value propositions. Most people are very familiar with the concept […]


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