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My first week at RIG: home from home.

This should be my first week blogpost. I am, however, currently writing it four weeks in so, technically, this is my mid-internship blogpost. You may say lazy, I say blame it on coronavirus.

So far, I can confidently state that my RIG experience has been unique to that of any intern who has come before me; there is the small matter of never having met my colleagues in person. Although we are now well acquainted on the likes of Zoom and Skype, I am yet to have an interaction past the head and shoulders. Are they tall, short, medium-sized? What kind of shoes do they wear? I may never know.

I was originally apprehensive about joining a new company whilst sat at my bedroom desk, however my first week left no room for nerves. By the second day, I was bestowed with taking the lead on a client’s market report followed by a week populated with calls to across the globe. I truly hit the ground running but I could not be more thankful for it. Through a first week of extensive exposure, I learnt fast and my confidence with working and interacting remotely grew significantly. My (virtual) colleagues have done everything in their power to make me feel at home (whilst literally being at home); within my first week I had met everyone at RIG for a 1-on-1 Skype chat. Everyone except Alex, for which I am to blame, sorry Alex. 

As I settle into my new role, I look forward to the challenges that the next four weeks will bring. Being based within the Industrial Decarbonisation and Circular Economy practice has brought with it subject matter a far cry from my Biochemistry degree; I have thoroughly appreciated the intellectual stimulation involved with learning something new. Thank you to my colleagues at RIG for a great start to my remote internship. Despite coming to terms with working from home, I am excited to eventually meet everyone – to put non-virtual faces to the names.

Since this blog post was written Jasmine successfully completed her internship with the Industrial Decarbonisation and Circular Economy practice, and has taken up a full-time role splitting her time between the Industrial Decarbonisation and Circular Economy practice and RIG’s Industrial Biotechnology practice.