Strategy Matters: Part I

During every football season, I like to indulge in a spot of fantasy football. Being fairly competitive, I tend to take the whole thing rather seriously, much to the amusement of my friends.

Ahead of Wednesday’s string of mid-week matches, I elected to make Sergio Aguero captain (double points), believing that I could rely on his brilliant recent form to deliver plenty of goals. In doing so, I overlooked the possibility of captaining Luis Suarez (despite being a Liverpool supporter) and therefore threw away the opportunity to benefit from the four goals which he would subsequently score against Norwich. Bad strategy.

Why was this a bad strategy? Luis Suarez had grabbed two hat-tricks as well as a single goal against Norwich during the two clubs’ last three meetings. There was clearly a trend here which I failed to identify. I missed an opportunity because I did not capitalise on the fact that Liverpool would be applying their greatest strength to a proven area of weakness (Norwich’s defence).

And so to my point: strategy matters. Whether you’re picking your fantasy football team for the weekend, or trying to ensure that your business will ‘win’, strategy is important.

To be continued…