Rapid Innovation Group client enters a fourth year of consistent international revenue growth

Tasked with internationalising a subscription software company selling support services, Rapid Innovation Group’s partners have worked closely with the client’s management team to develop enabling partnerships with tier one consulting firms.

From early successes on the European continent, the client can now deliver its software to customers on all six inhabited continents – and currently does so on four of these in multiple languages.  Successful partnerships have been the springboard for both effective delivery and significant revenue diversification away from a dependency on the British Isles.

The client is on track to grow for a fourth year at an annualised compound rate of 25%.

In additions to solving the delivery challenge in a scalable manner, Rapid Innovation Group has supported the client through a number of internal challenges relating to organisational structures and product production and maintenance processes – all of which will enable growth through the next significant phase of the business: true scaling.

The client is expected to hit its next major revenue milestone in early Q2 2016.


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