Making the leap from 'the other place'

Starting any job is a learning process but RIG’s learning curve is steeper than most. I’m two weeks in and I’ve already learnt who in the company I trust behind the wheel of a car, a distressing amount about the company’s fantasy football league, and maybe one or two things about consulting.

I’m Helen, the most recent hire. I’m twenty four, graduated from what’s known in the office as ‘the other place’ (most people just call it Oxford) and this is my first foray into consulting. My first day in the office was spent in a client meeting and all signs point to that being an entirely normal occurrence.

I’ve been working on KAMs, three month plans, sales targeting, gap analysis, ERP market analysis, and half a dozen other things that are in my to-do folder, waving at me forlornly. I’ve also been taking advantage of a wide array of skills: from Facebook stalking to excel macros to google maps (my navigational ability is dire without a handy little program telling me where to go).

I’ve spent a few days in Ireland, attended who-knows how many meetings, and presented our findings to a client with only the minor hiccup of forgetting how precisely to say the word ‘envision’. It’s a fast-paced, sink-or-swim environment – and so far, I’m loving it.