Client triples turnover

Having closed off its financial year in the last few weeks, a Rapid Innovation Group Information-as-a-Service client is pleased to report it achieved its annual revenue targets whilst minimising customer turnover. Rapid Innovation Group has worked with the client for four years, focussing on international partnerships and internal operations to enable revenue growth.  In that time the client has trebled its turnover and made significant advances to specialise and professionalise its operations. The good run in growth is anticipated to continue into the next financial year, in which the management team are anticipating an acceleration of sales that will enable…

Rapid Innovation Group client helps light a Caribbean island

One of Rapid Innovation’s clients recently deployed their renewable technology to bring lighting to the island of Grenada. The client in question has developed a portfolio of patented wind turbines which extract significantly more power from the wind than conventional turbines. One of their products, the Remote Power Unit (RPU) is a hybrid solar and wind solution which has been designed as a street light. The off-grid RPU powers an 80-watt LED bulb with built-in battery storage lasting up to five days. The installation on Grenada is the first renewable hybrid streetlight on the island.

Starting from scratch

A Rapid Innovation Group client involved in delivering a market disruptive solution in the energy management space has successfully entered negotiations for deployments across Europe.  Further to a short market discovery engagement with Rapid Innovation Group’s energy practice, potential partners in the three core markets targeted have entered into formal negotiations with their existing customers to deliver pilot solutions. Working closely with the client and leveraging existing market expertise, knowledge and relationships, Rapid Innovation Group was quickly able to create a European proposition for a non-European solution set – supported by detailed conversations with stakeholders across multiple markets on the…

Rapid Innovation Group client sees significant international growth

A Rapid Innovation Group subscription service client has now sold into every inhabited continent in the world, having established a presence in 22 countries during our work together on international partnering.  Successful execution against a comprehensive partner strategy means that the current momentum is anticipated to push the client’s services into an additional seven countries in the coming six months.

Rapid Innovation Group client raises €2.48 million in EU funding

A Dublin based RIG client has been awarded €2.48 million from the EU's Horizon 2020 fund, to commercialise its technology. A solid state low-grade waste heat converter, the technology uses waste hot water to generate electricity and has the potential to significantly reduce global carbon emissions.

Centient and the Troll Hunters

Centient, a specialist open, closed, and dark net intelligence technology company for which RIG has previously completed market-facing work, has collaborated with the BBC for its forthcoming documentary ‘Troll Hunters’: