"In a startup success is in a 'to-learn' list not a 'to-do' list"

In the presentation below Suneel Gupta, Groupon‘s VP Product, gives an interesting perspective on “managing hypergrowth” in a company that became the fastest in history to reach $1bn in revenue.

Whilst large organisations typically manage projects by thinking about ‘to-do’ lists, Gupta (referencing Sean Ellis) says that in startups it makes much more sense to think about ‘to-learn’ lists.

I like this distinction because it recognises the fact that growth-stage companies constantly come across new challenges that are not yet fully defined. As a technology Founder/CEO your role may change from designer to developer to salesman to recruiter to manager within the space of a year.

It’s difficult to know specifically what you have to do until you’ve started doing it, so think about what you have to learn instead.

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