Sink or swim: The Saga Continues

Here I am, back at RIG, 18 months after my original foray into the world of acronyms and I am continuing the irony of working with engineers when my father tirelessly worked to make me into one. We have not had a chance to discuss wind turbines yet, but I am sure that he will be interested in his engineer way and ask me questions that only an engineer can answer.

RIG stands out in terms of the experience you gain as an intern or recent graduate; you get thrown into the deep end from the first minute. This can be overwhelming but when the dust settles, you can be thankful for the experience. For exposure to client meetings and boardrooms from day one, for being given significant levels of responsibility and for doing work that is important and meaningful.

Plus, I was at a dinner party on Saturday and I think I impressed my engineer friends with my newfound knowledge of wind turbines and renewable energy. I also surprised myself by downloading their knowledge and storing it for when it will inevitably become useful at some stage in this project delivery.

I was greeted by a surprising amount of familiarity on my return to RIG. Taking photos of sleeping co-workers on public (or private) transport is still fully acceptable and my first two weeks have still been a period of intense information overload (but thankfully a lot less acronyms).

For now though, I will do as Dory advised and just keep swimming.