First impressions of life at RIG

It’s the end of week two working here for me at RIG (well, it was at the time of writing) and it’s time for me to give a little bit of detail to what I’ve been up to, what I’ve learnt, and first impressions of the company.

It’s started as a little bit of acronym bombardment, full of TAMs, IPPs, OEMs and IPOs and a healthy dosage of blockchain chat from David. Slowly, I feel like I’m getting accustomed to how things work in the office, small company culture and RIG’s careful line between scrupulous professionalism and the informality fostered by the no rules, less job titles and meritocratic culture. A session on RIG’s unique business model went a long way for helping me to get my feet, and, along with sitting in on a few calls and process meetings I’ve been well informed by all on the overarching picture of how exactly RIG executes their whole range of varied tasks for clients; as Ffion described it- how RIG gets to be the commercial branch of start-ups in practice. Besides from gaining better insights into what everyone else does (including, importantly, what James has been doing as a member of the jury on a murder trial), I’ve been given my own overarching projects to carry out- a client project and an internal project. It certainly hasn’t been a slow acclimatisation to the task- I’ve certainly been flung into a market validation task for the client project just like everyone else does regularly, which involves a lot of intense googling, Linkedin (and Viadeo (?)) searching, and occasionally translating into French, but it’s pretty great to be given the freedom and responsibility to take charge of what I’m doing here and (hopefully!) create a valuable piece of work by the end of it, where I’ve had a chance to really get to grips with all aspects of the tasks execution.

What’s struck me quite a lot is both the breadth and depth in RIG’s remit- Simon may develop a very in depth understanding of banking regulation system in Romania for one client; but as well as the variety that comes with swapping to different subject matters, such as suddenly becoming an expert on non-invasive diabetes diagnostics technologies, he also gets to dictate and execute a varied range of different tasks for each client: whether it be closing client acquisition deals, deciding routes to market in a new geography or applying for grant applications- which are just a few of the tasks I’ve seen people working on this week.

After this fast-paced start, I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in to my project over the next six weeks, and learning more about the business and tech people at RIG are excited by- hopefully picking up some more acronyms on the way!